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Pretty much every Free Runner these days knows about Motus. It’s one of the leading brands in Parkour, created by Giles who is well known for Visive Productions. Giles is an OG in the community, being around since 2003. Giles was mostly known for Filmmaking in the community, being one of the first Parkour specific production companies. They teamed up with the likes of Storm & Tim Sheiff.

Many years later and Giles wanted to do something more. He created the Motus Projects in around 2016. Motus is now a developed brand in the Parkour world, supporting many athletes and building a strong community. As Motus are super connected with the whole Parkour community, they tend to have some really interesting guests on their podcast. You can see their podcast here.

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I am a Free Runner from the early days of Parkour/Freerunning. I first bagen training in 2005 in the Isle of Man. I then spent many years in Liverpool, Wirral, Brighton, Horsham & Basingstoke.

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